Monthly Pranayama Workshop

An introduction to the practise and theory of Pranayama- Breath Work. ”Prana means life , energy, vigour, vitality and is the prime movement of all activity.”Ayama” has three aspects, vertical extension, horizontal and circumferential extension. Through the practice of Pranayama we learn to move the energies in our bodies. A regular Pranayama practice will increase life energy, helping greater mental clarity, heightened healing potential, and deepen self-understanding. Pranayama , like other yogic practices, is about being fully alive and vital, it is particularly helpful in preparing our bodies for meditation. In this workshop you will;


  • February 22nd
  • March 29th
  • April 26th

Practise restorative poses in preparation for Pranayama,
Learn and practise various Pranayama techniques,
Learn breath awareness exercises-Viloma ,Nadi shodana, Bramhari, {Black bee} Exercise with full Shanmukhi Mudra-The closing of the 6 gates. The purpose of the Mudra [Gesture} is to symbolically shut the mind to the 5 senses, So the mind can contain an inner focus.
This will be a regular monthly class the last Friday of each month.

Benefits of Pranayama include;
Deeply relaxing
Mental clarity
Ease of anger, anxiety and tension in our minds and bodies.

The cost of this class is £10pp, It will last 75 minutes, Booking is essential.

Please wear comfortable clothes.

Event Hours

18:45 - 20:00

Event Details