Monthly Backbends Workshop

Date TBC

Uplifting, Warming and energizing, Backbends create space from the inside and help to bring a feeling of positive energy and openness. Counteracting the forward motion in life. They are a vehicle for accessing our inner intuitive wisdom.

What to expect on this Workshop

  • Backbends must be practised with mindfulness and respect.
  • We will work methodically in order to avoid compression in the lower back, strain on the knees.
  • We will use support and props.
  • You can expect a fun, Dynamic active workshop where you will
  • Learn the necessary actions to perform Backbends
  • Learn to properly warm up and prepare the body
  • Learn the contraindications
  • Learn the phycological and emotional benefits
  • Open to all except complete beginners.

Cost £20 Per Person

Event Hours

10:00 - 12:00

Event Details